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Places to go

Yard House

For the beer lovers Yard House Boca Raton – Mizner Park has my approval. Excellent place and excellent service !

We went there (Brewzzi Boca Raton) not long ago and had a great dinner and beer!

Here is what I ate:

Tender eggplant rolled with fresh sauté´ed spinach, ricotta, asiago and parmesan cheeses, baked with our homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella
Brewmaster selection “City Fest”

Hope you have a great time!

New place to go! World of Beer! Many beers to choose from! And sports on TV! One great find! It is in Coconut Creek!

World of Beer

World of Beer

One of the places I like to go to watch the games is Bru’s Room. Great food, good service and all the sports!

Another find!

Packy’s Sports Bar and Grill  They have great food and it is a perfect place for friends and family!

You can go to Packy’s Boca Raton or Lighthouse Point to watch your favorite teams.


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