Site about sports written in Portuguese and English


Here I plan to write about sports in English.  I watch a lot of sports and read on the topic, so I thought English students would enjoy reading about the sports world through the eyes of a Brazilian that grew up watching a lot of soccer. Hope to see your comments here!

Let’s the games begin!


Comments on: "English" (3)

  1. Thanks for the connection,,,trying to learn portuguese

  2. Thomas murray said:

    Thanks for your interest…..just for fun,,how would you compare unneccesary roughness, in the NFL to a foul in Brazilian soccer….in your own words…..

  3. Lied SAntos said:

    Em português seria falta…. cartão amarelo…. yellow card for that… Força desnecessária…. Quando um jogador bloqueia ou parte para o ataque de maneira agressiva. Hope that helps!

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